Welcome to FalconEV: Our objective is to get more people out of gas burning vehicles and onto electric bikes / scooters.

We've partnered with manufacturers to provide electric scooters, motors, bicycles & batteries.  We work with our customers to understand your needs and provide the right solution to your tranportation requirements.
From recreational to serious commuting, we have an e-bike kit to fit your requirements.
Hours of operation :  7 days / week, 12 hrs a day.  In business since 2006 and still here.

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Getting around by electric bike electric trike or electric scooter is not for everybody; it only satisfies the needs of 80% of the population.
If you do not have access to a standard outlet, ie. hi-rise apartments/offices, then an Electric bike w portable lightweight battery packs or the Falcon Hummer scooter will be for you.
We offer a full selection of brushless hub motors from 300w to the 1000W
Red Hornet; the most powerful e-bike motor in the country.
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Bicycle Diamond Triangle Frame Bag 
Falcon EV Exclusive   
$50 +  Free Shipping (US only)
16(L) x 3(D) x 11.5(H) x 13 (Bevel) inches                              
This is the 3rd Gen bag made with very durable material  1000D. 
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