Top Speed:    25mph, depending on  gearing, rider wt., hills, wind, weight of girlfriend , etc....

Range:  25 + miles w 175 lb rider, flat road

Hill Climbing: 25% grade - will actually accelerate  UP  a hill !

Motor: 1000 Watt peak,  1.50 HP

Controller: 100 Amp

Frame/Body: All steel, no plastic coverings

Brakes: front disc,
rear drum

Tires: Tubeless -
3.5" W,  14" Dia

Weight:   105lbs w / o

Folded Dimensions: 
50" L - 23" W - 29" H

Load Capacity: 350 Lbs


Very stable with heavy loads,
and pulling trailers, etc.

Rear free-wheel sprocket , belt 
drive, spare belts $20

Assembly time: 5 minutes-
handlebars, batteries

Smart charger 
up to 4 hours chargetime 

Quick-Swap batteries
just unplug, takes 10 sec.

Front and Rear 

Anti-theft fork lock

Safety kickstand: No
throttle in down position

Off Road capable

Street Legal Moped: 
w ultra-brite headlite and
Large tail-lite, signals,horn
DOT motorcycle speedo
and odometer, large rearview
mirrors, cushy handgrips


If your looking for a nice, full featured durable, portable      E-scooter;  you've found it. An extra large double seat will handle two people.  The steel frame is a no-nonsense simple design that will last for years.  When your ready to get serious about E-transport; go with FALCON-EV
The 2 passenger 48V Falcon e-scooter is a Lithium powered
Hi Torque serious fun machine. It is belt driven w full suspension like an e-motorcycle.  It's fold-down handlebars and quick release battery pack, make it a superior portable transporter.
The simple, sturdy design and easy access to all parts have 
made the Falcon Li the best selling e-scooter last year.
DOT certified w MCO

How to use it:
Commuting; Any low speed limit streets 
Errands; neighborhood trips to see friends, the store, post office, ...
Recreation; take with you to campgrounds, island cruises, RVing, ...
Business; rentals, patrols, airports, eco-tours, delivery, trail riding....

When to use it:
You'll get to the point of 
actually avoiding  
driving the car.

Where to use it:
Airport personnel
Beach areas
Horse Shows
Business Parks
School Campus
Golf Course
Hunting trips
Resorts, RV's
Mall security
Nascar pit bike
Marathon Lead Vehicle
Distribution Centers
Gated Communities

20Ah hi rate Lithium pack $2800 - good for up to 20 miles -
Speed 25mph high torque

  cargo box/rack - included                                  
Remember; Lithium lasts longest w more power
and least cost over time        prices subject 2 change
Here is the secret video the 'other' company( Ego  does not want you to see ! 
this is from a 24V older Falcon 
 Ride the electric Wave
 Own an original  -   
starting 2012, we are now accepting gold bullion as payment

New two seater electric mini moped. The King of Portable Scooters

2008 Falcon model in race,   The Falcon CAN keep up w traffic, the other scooter can not.