Diamond frame  battery bag, 
 FalconEV Exclusive !  
$45 includes postage
16(L) x 3(D) x 11.5(H) x 13(Bevel) inches.                              
 This is the 3rd Gen bag made with stronger material 1000D.             

regular trunk bag, tall padded, 11 x 5 x 5 i.d.                                                              Quick release bag and  rack together                    $35                                                                                                                               $100
                                              rear  rack  $7                                                                          holds up to 48V, 18Ah
Points to look for when choosing a LiFePO4 battery:

Impedance - internal resistance;  how freely the cell takes a charge and can discharge
C Rate - Discharge Rate; the multiple of the Ah of the cell / pack
There are 2 types; HE, Hi-energy - Hi-power
HE cells of good quality can do 3 C continuous and 5+ C peak discharge
HP cells       ' '            ' '              10C continuous and 30C peak discharge - a123
example: A low C rate of 1.5 on a 10Ah cell would be cheaper than a higher C rated cell, but it would take 3 X's the Ah size of the pack to = peak discharge ( 50A ) needed by most e-bike controllers 
Differences; HE cells have higher Ah rating  
HE cells better suited for an range,  HP cell better for extreme acceleration, short range purposes.
A typical EV e-bike controller is 30 to 50 amps, e-scooter is up to ~100 amps, 
Charging - for 10Ah pack - 3amp = 4 hrs, 4 amp = 3 hrs, 5 amp = 2 hours
Yes, there is a difference, material quality, cell assembly and electronics  A cheap low quality cell that only puts out 2 x's continuous of Ah rate is a waste of $.   the short cycle life and excessive voltage drop will leave you stranded.  spend a little more $ to get a LOT more quality, 

   Built with  Hi - Rate -  M1 26650 cells,  
includes bms  & charger, 50A BMS
For current needs 40A or MORE ) ...(YES, these are more expensive)
Current inventory; 
                               48V,  A123  14Ah - $700   <--- Out of Stock

NEW+++  Standardized Lithium -LiFePO4-battery packs
 $$  same USA and UK
   24v           36V                                         48V                                    60V
   11Ah       11Ah        17A                      11Ah        17A                  17Ah
  $375         $525        700                      $ 600         $ 825                 $995
       8           10             14.3    Weight     13              19                    23.6
6x6x6        9x5x5           9x6x5   Dims;       7x6x6        9x6x6          10x6x8 

SPECIAL ... triangle bag shaped battery pack, 60V, 11Ah, $775   with bag,   50A BMS  15 lbs

All packs include a GOOD , fan cooled, metal case, smart charger
( they are more expensive than the overheating cheap plastic types)
Other sizes, can be custom ordered, pls ask.

Bigger packs... call for quote.   72V = double 36v price = $850/$1200

Lithium Battery chargers; LiFepo4 &LiPo 
115 / 220V AC  input , 4 to 96 cells, 140A - 10A14V - 345V output, CC / CV

24V 3A/5A - $80/$95   
36V   2, 4, 6 amp -  $75 / 100 / 150

lithium iron phosphate battery chargers
These days it is a very rare thing when something is actually better than advertised. The improvement these batteries make over my old SLA battery actually exceeded my expectations. I could go into great detail however I suspect you already know what I mean and you’ve heard it before. Long story short: worth every penny! Give me a couple of weeks and we’ll get started on the other evglobal battery.

Thanks again.

Customer feedback;
lithium bicycle battery frame triangle
lithium balancing charger 72v
Lithium battery cell voltage display and alarm      $40
No more guessing about state of charge of each cell. 
Monitors up to 8 cells with continuous voltage readings 
Easy to see bright LCD's, loud alarm
cell low voltage settings from 2.7V to 4.0V
cell Voltage range - 1.2 to 4.0
Dims - 62 x 39 x 12mm

Great insurance policy for ANY battery pack

total voltage digital volt meter; $50
choice of colors
3 x 1.5 x 1.25
Installation of lithium battery in car to replace 'boat anchor' lead acid battery
Motorcycle lithium battery installation

falconev electric transportation

        G o  B e y o n d  H y b r i d 
        R i d e  t h e  E l e c t r i c  W a v e

email: falconev at gmail.com
P O Box 12942
Tallahasee  FL 32317
48V  2A-$70,  3A-$125,  6A-$175 
60V 3A-$175
Certain chargers may need to be custom ordered.
These high quality  smart chargers provide protection against  over-voltage, over-heat, short circuit and wrong polarity connections with constant current / voltage programing.
Custom High - rate lithium lifepo4 Packs
Interesting things;
lithium BMS
lithium battery bms
Lithum battery management system
evglobal battery lithium
lithium battery charger
Battery testing Ebike 
liberty battery repair
ebike lithium battery repair
liberty e-bike lithium battery;
before and after repair
lithium e-bike battery cases
NOTE - there is a 4% fee to process a credit card payment.
Now accepting gold and silver buillion as payment
Contact for paypal address
Personal checks preferred
calb lithium batter swelling
CALB lithium battery swelling  0.0 volts !
large Lithium cell automotive
Lithium battery pack

EV Global
battery 12Ah
battery volt meter blue
e-bike battery volt meter
electric bike voltmeter
anderson powerpoles
Anderson powerpoles used here, inquire on loose pricing
lithium BMS
battery low voltage display
ebike battery bag quick release
ebike battery bag quick release
SOLAR battery charging with portable folding solar panels.
80W, 1.6A for 58V output / 48V battery   -   28V / 2.5A for 36V battery. ( other voltages available )
Unfolded Size: 1200*900*10mm, Folded Size: 460*330*80mm,   Weight: 4.5kg
Meant to be a solar trickle charger to help maintain power level in-between normal charging.
$750 with charge controller                                                                     
electric bicycle solar charger portable
electric bike solar charger
Lithium Iron Phosphate is the preferred rechargable Lithium battery chemistry today.
Tested to 2000+ life cycles to 80% SOC. It is stable, reliable, and durable for all EV applications. 
The cells come in many shapes and Ah sizes.  We use the 18650 and 26650 cells for most packs. These cylindrical cells are very configurable for custom designs per customers needs.
There are two discharge rates which fall into the UH / Ultra high  at 50+ C rates ,
and, lower 5C rated that are used for most standard electric bicycle packs. 
 Falconev uses A123 cells  and other LiFePO4 type cells , unless u have a special order for another chemistry. All batteries assembled in USA
Lithium battery testing
ebike frame bag
lithium battery customized
electric bicycle frame bag
lithium battery charger
lithium battery smart charger
Taiwan lithium battery charger high quality
These red chargers are for those wanting the HIGHEST quality charger for lifepo4 batteries.
 Multi function - 2 year warranty
Short circuit protection.
Reverse polarity protection.
Over temperature protection.
36v or 48V 3A - $225                                                7A $175
lifepo4 lithium charger
expensive quality lithium charger custom
lithium battery charger 7 amp