Like to hang one arm out the window when you drive? An avid scooter or bicycle  rider ? Prevent sun damage to your skin. These sun protection driving sleeves are perfect. Protect your exposed skin with these convenient temporary
Sun Sleeves, an SPF clothing accessory that’s exceptionally comfortable, cool and easy to wear.

    * Highly breathable mesh construction
    * Soft, stretchy polyester microfiber fabric
    * Hand wash wash, air dry
    * Rated UPF 50+      
  Sold per pair - $20,  $10 for bike/scooter buyers
Protect your arms from  sun damage  with these attractive arm sleeve protectors. Yes, this set of sleeves keeps you cooler in hot weather. Skin Cooler arm sleeves are made from  breathable, moisture-radiating material that actually offers a cooling effect. They are guaranteed to keep your arms cooler in training and in racing than not wearing anything.  These sleeves block 80% of UVB rays, which is about as much as any bike jersey you may wear.
Protect yourself from the sun and heat, with protective arm sleeves, worn by cyclists, golfers, tennis players and athletes everywhere.

The Club cable lock - $15
5/8" thick  6' cable w keyed lock
even superman cant bust thru this 
your prized ebike will stay put.

Headlite/tail lite - $15
VERY bright LED's - 30 yards
removable to use as flashlite, w nokia cell phone charger adaptor. A great bicycle headlight. WInd up type, no batteries needed

electric bicycle lock, the club
Topeak bicycle cover, 
a must have if bike is parked outside  $29
Pls note;  all items are priced with e-bike/scooter purchase. double the price if sold separately.

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