Day 6 electric bike
Montegue electric bike
mtb electric bicycle
Day6 Electric bike conversion - 
You have choice of seat type, frame size, gears
fenders. Day6 will accept any size motor. 36 or 48V
36v 7Ah battery can go between frame tubes.
Accepts Front or rear hub motors
Exclusive frame battery bag from FalconEV puts the battery pack weight lower in the center of gravity for better handling and balance.
Montague folding electric bike conversion
rear hub motor
side case mounted battery packs
MTB Electric bike;
rear suspension limits battery space, rear disc ok
battery frame bag best fit and placement for batt pack
20" foldable electric bike
48V rear microlite motor  w 10Ah pack
16-17mph    WITH Regen !
Great for private planes / boats $1000
Electric bike conversions  are FUN !
Electric bicycles fulfill the need for the most affordable and reliable form of human/ electric powered  transportation.
New concept - exercise without exhaustion. 
This in turn allows you to look younger, feel better and laugh at gasoline addicts.
The new mode of transport for baby boomers.
Pulls a trailer easily to load up on groceries, etc
Fly past non-electric 'pro-cyclers' !
(there is no such thing as an illegal ebike )

Don't settle for an underpowered system that
overheats going up a steep hill; 
Phantom Motors are built for people weighing over 180 lbs

Although these electric bike hub motor conversion  kits are relatively easy to assemble on your bike; inevitably there will be a % of instances in which Murphy's law throw's in a monkey wrench.  For a $100 assembly fee, on a newly ordered bike that would be shipped to FalconEV, it can be assembled and tested insuring  peace of mind.  The following are customers bikes

electric cruiser bike
E-bike top 10+ list criteria:

1 - factory built ( up to 20mph limited ) OR converted bike ( customized )

2 - suitability of your own bike - comfort, gearing, style, foldable, disc / rim brakes, rear suspension (small batttery only on seat post )

3 - assemble bike yourself OR have it done by FalconEV

4 - front or rear motor - no differance in handling or performance

5 - distance wanted

6 - speed wanted

7 - motor power

8 - battery placement - rear rack trunk bag, pannier/saddle bags, mid-frame bag

9 - battery type ( lithium is std.)        and
quality (from Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan ?)

10 - other considerations; 
regen/electric braking for hills, 
throttle type, ... battery gauge, 

7 day customer service 
** Delivery available in florida ( for gas $ )

Last and least of all - price ( for those putting price first, u need to look elsewhere )
electric peddle car
electric Quadcycle
A true build it Yourself Neighborhood Electric Vehicle    ( NEV ) !  $700 kit, $2000 prebuilt , add motor and battery... another $1000+
shipping .. $300 on oversize pallet
   watch it in action
going up 5 degree slope 25 mph speed test
in the drivers seat

ladies electric bike
europa electric bike
 Trike only $850 + shipping, prebuilt 
$1975 with microlite motor  + $50 shipping
$2250 with Electric Bull motor   "   "
7Ah Lithium battery - 
color choices - Red,  Black
ELECTRIC BIKES  available now !
Mens comfort e-bike
21" frame, 700 rims
7 speed $1050 w 11Ah 48v battery

womens e-bike
21" frame, 700 rims
7 speed,  $1050 w 48v 11Ah battery


Ultra Motor
Europa E-bike
w trunk      

europa electric bike
day 6 electric bicycle
All batteries are Lithium - LiFePO4
20 inch folding e-bike
The BEST deal you'll find on a quality delta trike anywhere.!
This aint no granny trike

Cantilever rear wheels, hard to tip over
Dual Rear Disc Brakes, front caliper brake
Convenient rear Basket 
Comfortable Seating
tested to 30 mph, straight line,  stability is grrreat !

85" L x 33 1/2" W
Seat to ground measurement 25 1/2"
Weight limit: 325 Lbs.
Weight of trike 65 Lbs.

Fits riders from 4'6"- 6'4"
- Rear = 26"
- Front= 20" 
72 volt electric bike 40 mph
72V superbike with air horn
dual motor e-bike
falconev electric transportation

        G o  B e y o n d  H y b r i d 
        R i d e  t h e  E l e c t r i c  W a v e
P O Box 12942
Tallahasee  FL 32317

Dual motor setups;
Requires 2 controllers, 2 throttles, 1 battery pack   
electric trike adult
stylish fast electric tricycle
electric tricycle recumbent
electric trike fast
electric bike peddle assist ladies
24V, peddle assist only, comfort bike, very tame, 
700 rims $900
Currently Unavailable
Currently Unavailable