Electric scooters for Dependable, Reliable Transportation

The prototype, ( my personal E-scoot ) is 5 yrs old, has logged 5350+ miles and is still running strong ! It won't break.

http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/laws/     ( state and federal tax credit info )
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falconev electric transportation

Lithium Electric scooters for Discerning Performance Minded Riders

              Go Beyond Hybrid                             Ride the Electric Wave
Introducing - Murcielago
Spanish for 'bat', this hi powered E-scooter would have fit in well in a batman movie.
..An aggressive look that says    " you still usin' gasoline ?..you poor loser"  
30 or 60Ah Lithium pack, using the "black cells"
Dual 3000W motors
.Accel - 0 to 50 in  7 sec..  speed - 55  mph,
Hill climbing - 30 degree slope
Range (actual) - 30 to 50 mi.
Empty Weight  - 250 lbs
$6600-30Ah OR $8500-60Ah  plus shipping  

Due to the amount of B.S. on other websites ( hint; have letter X in them ) making wildly exagerated claims of speed and range, I promise you'll get none of that here.
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Due to poor economy,  due in late 2012
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Max cruise speed                       12mph / 20km/h
Min turning radius                                   0
Net Weight                                   18.5kg / 40 lbs
Volume                                                 0.15cbm
Dimensions                                      18 x 12 x 12" Distance- flat grd, 160lb rider;    20+ mile / 30-40km 
Charging time                                         2h
Max load                                         300lb   150kg
Max climb capability                              15 degree
Battery                                        lithium,48V,8Ah
Lifetime of battery                                   3-5years
warranty                                     1 year or 2000km
Full lifetime                                         >35000km
voltage                             100v-240v,for global use
Max Power                                           3000watts
remote control alarm & on-off switch
Price -      $2500 each or two for $4900  payable by check only, + $40 shipping each
Since impossible to stock all colors,  pls allow 3 to 4  weeks for delivery
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This revolutionary personal transportation device can fill the specialty needs for particular transportation situations.

When I first saw this, I thought; what is this thing??..  Then, a friend told me he was going on a cruise and, when in port,  there was no choice but rent a taxi.  No other means of getting yourself around.
So, there was the answer;  The RoboPed is perfect where it is too far to walk and a bicycle is too bulky.
The RoboPed comes in its own carrying case w wheels, so it can be moved around like carry-on luggage.  (unlike a Segway )
It can fit easily into small aircraft / boats and checked as luggage at the airport or cruise ship.  It's like a mini Segway.
This is portable  transportation  that you can carry onto busses, trains, subways, etc.  w adjustable handlebar
It is highly maneuverable, portable, and zero maintenance.
Great for dense crowded conditions like, sidewalks ( in Las Vegas ) , exhibition halls and shows, expos, warehouses...
Working downtown ?, park further away for less $, and avoid the traffic jams and ride the extra mile into work ! Just think about that !  It makes perfect sense.
So, THIS is why for the above reasons and situations; This machine has its purpose.
RoboPed is the smallest, lightest, most powerful personal transporter in the world. This Segway alternative cost less than a Segway ( $6000 ) / 100 lbs.  Yes, it IS a very high tech machine inside, thus the price, it is what it is...
It will not 'tip' over or operate without rider input. It is completely safe for ages 8 to 80.

Use RoboPed as a modern mobility scooter that allows rider a more active role by standing naturally instead of sitting like a potato in those handicapped 3 / 4 wheel scooters.  If you can stand, you can use RoboPed. Perfect for those veterans who have lost limbs. 

We also offer a rental program - We realize $3000 is a lot of cash and so, if you only need it for a cruise for example; The RoboPed can be owned temporarily with a 90% buyback offer after use.   (no minimum time limits, and up to 30 days )
Of course, the RoboPed has to come back in nearly the same condition it was received. 
Shipping is usually between $20 - $30 to a biz address, +5 for residential. 
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mini segway RoboPed
Introducing  ROBO-PED  - Robotic Electric Pedestrian Transporter !!