36V Electric Bull, ebike kit, 1000W, 23mph* (w 180lb rider)   Hi-Torque Mtn climber 13 lbs (greater power than "400 crystalyte, bionx , BD36" , 
 40A controller, std ( 15 mosfets )       $375 
35A controller w cruise and  regen, option .. $425
 Front or rear motor
with disc

48V Green Hornet, 30mph ebike kit,  1000W, 60V, 34mph, (w 180lb rider)  Hi-Torque Hill climber  13 lbs,   40A controller w cruise / regen
  Dia. 220mm  $525  ,accepts disc brake,  60V, 72V, front or rear wheel  

Green Hornet Geared hub motor  rear wheel- $650
These hub motors are for those wanting higher torque and complete freewheel when unpowered.  500 - 1000W depending on voltage and controller current.  Newer nylon gears are very strong and quiet.  This motor is for hills. but, no regen.  Rear wheel only
36V , 48V,  60V: speeds - 22, 33, 38mph  Cruise control std.  7 speed freewheel included. 9 FET 30A ctlr for 350W , 12FET, 40A ctlr for 500W

Red Hornet    36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 96V @ 21, 30, 36, 41, 48 mph
 - Mega-Torque - front or rear drive , 14 lbs ,  ebike kit comes w 45A controller w cruise, reverse and  regen -     1500W  hub motor for 
e-bike.   disc brake capable.  .  $675       
This motor will beat most cheap 50cc gas scooters

NEW , Ultralight submini hub motor, geared, silent, stealthy, strong, very hi tech        300W   with 15A controller
4 lbs !  accepts disc brake,  sensorless and reliable 
Front hub motor only, 36V or 48V , 20" or 26: rim
Also known as the cheater motor, tour de france riders use this instead of perf. enhancing drugs.    $475

Micro-Lite  geared hub motor with 30A regen controller
7 lbs @ 48V = 18mph w good torque for a 300W motor   
 best with dual motor setup 
$200 w battery purchase, .....$250  w/o battery

green hornet 48v electric hub motor kit
redhornet 72v electric hub motor kit
Optional Regeneration controllers  

NEW - 35A - 60Amp REGEN controllers !

36V, 48V, 60V, 72V    $275
WITH - E-brakecruise controlreverse functions !!

2 in 1 sensor / sensorless combo;
36V or 48V,  35A,  If hall sensor breaks inside motor, keep on going with this special controller.  $225

electric bull 36v hub motor kit
hub motor data 48v
hub motor wheels specs 48v
hub motor specs 36v
brushless hub motors data 36v
ADVANTAGES of Phantom Hub Motors;

-- Power to Weight ratio;
 using 750W as std, a 15lb motor puts out 5.0 watts per lb.  a 24lb motor ( crystalyte ) puts out 3.1 watts per lb.  A dramatic difference.  Thus more energy efficient, giving more power and longer range.

- custom wound stators and better internal components (requested by FalconEV) = better hub motor - period.  
When it comes to Electric bikes, Remember; 
These are for TRANSPORTATION first, exercise and recreation second.  These are an alternate form of transportation needed by many.
On this page you will find custom wound HIGH performance brushless hub motors, unlike anything else on the market. They may all look the same on the outside, but are different on the inside.
Pre-installed or DIY electric bike conversion kits, From 36V to 72V.
Free foam handlebar grips and rear rack ( if needed ) head/tail lite included.
The Electric Bull, Green Hornet and Red Hornet motors, have no equal in the electric bicycle world.
Your electric bike or electric trike fitted with these motors will put you in a class above the rest. Any questions ?
Independent motor analysis / comparison
Testimonial from testing center;
For comparison I used ebikes.ca's Crystalyte simulator and used the 406 at 36V and 95% throttle to match the rpm range of the Bull data which for a given size wheel would also be the same as ebike speed.  Efficiency over the same range of rpm was about the same, with the Bull being maybe a percent or two higher.  At higher outputs, however, the difference becomes much more significant.  At 500W the 406 would only be running at about 70% efficiency compared to the Bull's near 80%.  The big difference is that the Bull operates efficiently over a wide range of power output, about 180W to 600W, and within a narrower range of rpm.  The 406 would have comparable efficiency over a mere 130W to 360W range.  By sucking a lot of amps, the 406 can put out high torque, but only at a much lower speed and efficiency.  When you take a close look at the power requirements for an ebike with 26" wheels, you can appreciate how well matched this motor is.   Whoever designed this motor must have been going for a perfect match for a 26" ebike, and it looks like mission accomplished.
Performance should be excellent.  A nominal 26" wheel should cruise optimally at 20 mph on the flats and (here's the interesting bit) maintain a speed of 18-20 mph while climbing slopes up to 3-4% with the motor still within its sweet range.  Steeper hills could still be climbed, but efficiency would drop off.  Because the motor would be operating efficiently most of the time, range should be extended, so the higher torque and speed are not purchased at a cost of reduced range as is the case with other motors.
phanton phoenix comparison
see video below,    this motor  in video is unloaded, so it stops quicker.    With bike & rider, it will be much less noticable
Throttle types-
-  vertical thumb w on-off button 
- vertical thumb w on-off  rocker
- sideways thumb - LED lited 49v
- 1/2 twist 
 switching module , left side, comes w deluxe controller w regen, cruise, reverse functions
RIMS -  double wall
20" , 24,  26,  700
e-bike torque arm
red hornet mega e-bike hub motor
falconev electric transportation

        G o  B e y o n d  H y b r i d 
        R i d e  t h e  E l e c t r i c  W a v e

email: sales@falconev.com
P O Box 12942
Tallahasee  FL 32317
 PICK YOUR   BRUSHLESS HUB MOTOR; then, pick your battery
FalconEV through its Phantom Motor Works division has e-bike developed hub motors that have absolutely, positively the highest power-to-weight ratio of any motor in the world.  Tests against older, weaker hub motors like crystalyte / wilderness energy, show a higher torque and speed for the same voltage.  The 72v Red Hornet hub motor will out perform 50cc gas scooters.
All motors are spoked in the rim - 12G
 prices include  controller and throttle
300W geared hub motor ebike
International shipping as follows typically;
UK , Italy,Spain, France, Swiss, Norway - 
$100  motor w rim / controller
Canada, / Puerto Rico;  $65 / $55
Australia , NZ;  $150 ... ( no rim )
Mexico ; $80 .. ( no rim )
South AfricaSingapore, filipines; $150 .. ( no rim )
Russia , Iceland; $120 .. ( no rim )
e-bike hub motor torque arm
ALL front motors come with torque arms.
red hornet hub motor 1000W
green hornet hub motor
Red Hornet ebike hub motor 203mm disc
1000W hub motor
Digital volt meter FREE with motor order - ($50 regular)  Simple way to know battery pack status
mini me ultralight hub motor
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