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Customer Service; 12 hrs-day, 7 days per week
This is a full time endeavor, not a hobby or side business; Since 2003  
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FalconEV is in the green business of supplying 
electric bicycle conversion kits and ready-to-go e-bikes, and E-trikes are also popular.
All transporters come with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries only. These give the best speed and range and life cycles.

First thing to know before you hand over your hard earned money to bike dealer is;
Does the rep tell you what you need to know without giving you a 'sales pitch '...?   Since most people need lots of info and no-nonsense advice, there is no shopping cart on this site.  Individual attention is given to each interested caller to make sure they understand what they need, even if we can not supply it.
FalconEV provides exclusive, custom e-bike hub motors and e-scooters powered by LiFePO4/Lithium phosphate batteries only.

These e-bike hub motors can not be purchased anywhere else unless you see the green logo.  We are not out to be the "cheapest" or claim to sell the "most ".  Our clients know a quality product when they see it and know it is worth the price paid. If the factory sends out a misfit product, I will repair it or replace it.

There are no 'dealer req's ' just quantity discounts. Discounted prices are not discussed until one unit has already been purchased.

Yes you can buy other lead acid ebike kits and scooters that are 'adequate', but if you want a hi-performance e-machine and personalized cust. service 7 days/week, you've found the right place.
FAQ's...( if u don't see your answer, submit Q )

Why don't you have it 'in stock'?
hub motors / batteries usually are.

What about maintenance?
Very little if any is required. all owners should have basic tools, air gauge, etc.and be able to perform minor owner upkeep, or, have a close friend, Take to bike shop if you are totally clueless.
If you can't / won't  maintain your own scooter / bicycle, then do not buy one. 

Battery life?
Longer battery life / cycles results from charging whenever possible.  Batteries last longer with shallow discharging / recharging vs. deep discharging.  Unlike lead acid, there is no immediate need to charge LiFepo4 batts after use.

What range will I get?
Rule of thumb is 1 mile per Ah with LiFe batteries.
Head winds, hills, rider weight, speed / wind resistance, jack-rabbit starts / stops.  Best range is gained by throttle control and maintaining your momentum and looking ahead.  If possible, let scooter start rolling before you add throttle.
Your e-machine is not affected by temperature.
To avoid 'running out of power' / same as running out of gas in your car...know how far a full charge can take you. test it ( close to home ), then watch your odometer...It's easy

FalconEV ships world-wide, 
We don't charge any 'handling' fee's.
We will try and save you $$ on shipping;

e-bike components; one year
batteries; 6 months..although our LiFe cells and packs will last 1500 to 2500 cycles / 3 to 5 years; it would be foolish to offer that long a 'free-return- card' as batteries can be abused, misused, neglected, dropped, etc. All battery claims will be subject to detailed inspection and testing before any credit is given pro-rated.

Return-refund policy
None, NO refunds, hardship cases may allow 50% back ,shipping not included.    
Orders will be filled on a timely matter, but, delays are sometimes unavoidable. These delays do not qualify for a refund.         

no returns/refunds unless product is defective 
 and can not be repaired.and replacement can't be done within 30 days from return.
No order cancellations for " late" product arrivals.
goods are shipped as soon as possible.
Read other sellers return policies; you will notice in the fine print they wont take returns either because of many rules, limitations, 'used' status (ie, trying it out to find out it's broke ), they just bullshit they do. 
How do I pay?
e-check, ( scan and email), check-fax(fax it)
money order, direct deposit
credit card
scooters require a 50% non-refundable deposit before work is begun.

Submitted Q's ...

Can I get a better price ?
Yes, quantity discounts are available

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