Welcome to FalconEV: Our objective is to get more people out of gas burning vehicles and onto electric bikes / scooters.

We've partnered with manufacturers to provide electric scooters, motors, bicycles & batteries.  We work with our customers to understand your needs and provide the right solution to your tranportation requirements.
From recreational to serious commuting, we have an e-bike kit to fit your requirements.
Hours of operation :  7 days / week, 12 hrs a day.  In business since 2006 and still here.

FalconEV promotes and provides Lithium battery replacements for all  electric bikes  which includes e-bike kits such as; bionx e-bike kits, crystalyte journey e-bike kits, crystalyte 4 series and 5 series e-bike kits,  crystalyte hub motors ,  36V and 48V  wilderness energy kits ,  E-bikes from EV Global, currie, schwinn, giant, and others.  All  low powered kits and electric bicycles using lead acid batteries can benefit from a Lithium battery upgrade.  
We also provide Lithium battery packs for ANY engine starting use, motorcycles, racing, marine, etc.
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        R i d e  t h e  E l e c t r i c  W a v e

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Tallahassee  FL 32317
Getting around by electric bike electric trike or electric scooter is not for everybody; it only satisfies the needs of 80% of the population.
If you do not have access to a standard outlet, ie. hi-rise apartments/offices, then an Electric bike w portable lightweight battery packs or the Falcon Hummer scooter will be for you.
Thinking about a cheaper gas scooter? - Think about continually  having to buy gas & parts to keep it running, and the extra pollution they emit  compared to a car.  
Electric charging is 1 cent / mile, 
an 80mpg scooter @ $3 gas = 3.8 cents a mile !
We offer a full selection of brushless hub motors from 300w to the 1000W
Red Hornet; the most powerful e-bike motor in the country.
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stand up mobility scooter
starting 2012, We are now accepting gold, and silver coins and bars as payment.
Personal checks are good
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